reza aslan: god – a human history


From prehistoric times Man has tried to explain events and actions by reference to more powerful beings. In this book Aslan shows how the polytheism of early man has, over time, been developed into a monotheism covers the three main religions. In this respect the book is excellent, looking at the origins of religion and the ways that events are interpreted – the section on the great flood really reflects that. However there is a focus on the main religions of the West, with a slight detour to encompass Zarathustra the main ideas are about the Abrahamic religions. This is probably as they fit most closely with the theme of the book, that of Man’s belief in a single being – a God. Therefore there is little reference to polytheism or to religions that do not have a ‘God’ in those terms. As a book on the relationship between man and god this works but not as a book on comparative religions.


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